1: What is your delivery time?
The average delivery time for all our products is 7 working days.

2: Where can the products be shipped?
We ship all our products worldwide, except for the countries with custom closed.

3: What are the payment options?
We offer you options to pay using Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

4: Who will cover the Delivery and Custom fee?
We are pleased to cover the delivery and custom fees for you. As the customer, you will only pay for the product and we will take care of delivery exactly to your doorstep.

5: What else do I need to start mining?
Once our miner is delivered, you just need to connect the unit to a power socket and access it through WiFi or cable.

6: The products are on stock or pre-order?
At BitHull, all the products we offer are on stock and ready to be delivered immediately.

7: Where can I calculate in real-time the profitability based on my electricity cost?
If you want to determine your profitability in real-time, we recommend you to visit https://www.cryptocompare.com/mining/calculator/

8. Will the COVID-19 issue affect delivery ?
No, the customs are not closed.

9. What does your warranty include?
Our product warranty covers all types of software or hardware issues except for external damage.

10. Does humidity affect the mining performance of the units?
There will be no impact on the performance of our miners as long as the humidity level is not more than 90 %

11. What software or OS do the miners have?
All our miners are delivered pre-configured with Linux based system equipped with BitHull software, offering an easy to use interface.

12. What is the minimum Internet data speed to guarantee optimum performance?
Our miners require a moderate minimum internet speed of 10 KB/s for upload as well as download.