FPGA the new generation of Mining

FPGA Generation

FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) mining is considered by many experts to be the next big thing in the world of crypto mining that is expected to soon overtake the entire ASIC market.

BH Miner is built with the new generation of FPGA CHIPs, which generate high hash rate power at low power consumption.



Fast Return on Investment

BH miners are designed to generate a fast return on investment. This can be attributed to the fact that compared to general ASIC Miners available on the market, BH miners offer much higher hash rate power.

Low power consumption

Compared to ASIC CHIPS, FPGA CHIPS require relatively less energy to operate. This makes BH miners cheaper to be used and this factor has contributed significantly to its high profitability.


The outstanding design of BH miners makes them ideally suited for use at home or any other location/space with low humidity.


BH Miners Box is equipped with silent fans and designed to hold all the noise inside the case.

Fast Delivery

We understand how important time is for the mining industry. We, therefore, try everything we can to deliver our products to any location around the world within just 7 working days.

Fees and Customs

While dealing with BitHull, you can rest assured that there are no hidden fees. Also, your delivery and custom fees are on us.

BH Miner

BH Miner is a new generation of crypto-miner based on FPGA CHIPS, offering a high hash rate at very low power consumption. The product can operate in all types of environments or conditions, excepting for high humidity. As a result, the product is suitable for any type of room such as office, home or specially designed spaces such as data centers, mining farms, etc.

  • Bitcoin 360 TH/s
  • Litecoin 60 GH/s
  • Ethereum 15 GH/s
  • Monero 3 MH/s
  • Power consumption 550W
  • Power Socket 110V-240V
  • Algorithm Multi-Algorithm
  • Networking connection mode
  • RJ45 Ethernet and Wireless
  • PSU Integrated

BH Miners Box (6 units)

This is a box (case/rack) combining 6 BH Miner units connected to each other that can be controlled easily. The box was specially designed to generate very low noise so that it can be used comfortably in any space including home or office.

Some of the key features of the Box are Outstanding design, Almost noiseless, Easy to control/access, Saves space, PSU and everything related to start mining is included.

  • Bitcoin 2160 TH/s
  • Litecoin 360 GH/s
  • Ethereum 90 GH/s
  • Monero 18 MH/s
  • Power consumption 550W x 6
  • Power Socket 110V-240V
  • Algorithm Multi-Algorithm
  • Networking connection mode
  • RJ45 Ethernet and Wireless
  • PSU Integrated x6